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Fresh is cool: a refrigerated van for Sermig, to feed people


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The Arsenale della Pace in Turin provides an average of 500 meals a day to people in difficulty (men, women, children, families …) who are welcomed in the facilities within its competence.

Some supermarkets and merchants are willing to donate some fresh food products which, however, require a refrigerated vehicle for transport to the headquarters by law.

The funds raised will be used to purchase a small (used) refrigerated vehicle.

Start and duration of the project:

  • Start: it would be desirable to purchase in the spring of 2016 (01/04/2016)
  • Duration: it is assumed that the vehicle in question can be used for at least 5 years.

The estimated necessary amount is 10,000 euros.

In the event of major donations, it will be possible to proceed with the purchase of basic food items for the people welcomed at the Arsenale and possibly also with the purchase of a new vehicle instead of a used one.

Project contact person: Daniele Ballarin


Tel. 011.4368566