is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to solidarity and social utility initiatives.

Proposing a project is simple: in a few steps you can fill out a document by answering a few simple questions, and then submit your idea to the Helpyness Board. Before doing this, however, we suggest you think carefully about the following aspects: •what is the tangible goal of your project? Remember that Helpyness supports projects of social utility (in accordance with the law on no-profit orgs) •which resources do you need (and what kind: money, hours worked, materials, skills, …) •when the project starts and ends. This simple information is important because, if funded, the project will be required to report its results by publishing a dedicated page on the Helpyness website (and in the most successful cases, in the Hall of Fame!) •have you thought about what you can do in addition if your project gets more funding?

Remember that, in your own interest, Helpyness is particularly aimed at high-impact initiatives, designed to sensitize the population to a culture of social entrepreneurship, and therefore support concrete actions aimed at improving the quality of life and society, also long-term sustainability perspective.

In summary, the steps to follow are 2 and they are very simple:

  1. Download the document to fill out

2. Go to the form for submitting projects

Note: only registered users can submit project proposals, if you have not yet done so … Subscribe!