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During this period, the Coronavirus pandemic requires us to think even more about the value of solidarity, and how much we need each other, and on how cooperation is important, both locally and internationally.

As many of you know, Helpyness ONLUS is an association active since 2015, which pursues exclusively social solidarity purposes, and it works, not for profit, in the charity sector and in that of development cooperation and international solidarity. The charity projects (promoted through our crowdfunding web platform) have been numerous: among the various successful activities we can mention the “Fresco al fresco” project in 2016 in favor of SERMIG, for the purchase of a refrigerated van for the delivery of food, and “Voci di Solidarietà”, an annual charity event whose main objective is to raise funds for a primary school in the district of Kigali (in Rwanda) where one of our associates works as a volunteer.

Unfortunately, the year 2020 began with the spread of COVID-19, for which we are all called today to deal with an unexpected situation. And especially in Italy, where the health emergency is particularly important, due to the huge need to cope with the sudden and growing number of cases of infections, which is saturating hospital facilities.

The emergency is therefore on several fronts, both from the point of view of personal shortages and of medical material (see link on the needs of hospital structures in this emergency period). The Helpyness association feels called to offer a hand, and has decided to activate a crowdfunding campaign for the collection of funds aimed at the purchase and donation of protective face shields for hospitals, medical doctors and health professionals. Our kind request is to be sensitive to these needs, and to contribute (each with their own part) to concrete help… which will result a benefit for all!


Target #1: donation of 100 Face Shields for hospitals and health professionals

These face shields are important to protect both the patient and the doctor (or health care worker) who is in contact with many people, and therefore risks being infected (and in turn contagious for others). Helpyness is in contact with manufacturing companies; face shields are co-designed with hospitals in the USA, and already used by doctors and operators in the sector. A small contribution from each of us can be used to place the order and send all the material to the Italian structures. The starting target consists of 100 face shields. The cost is 3 euros per piece, and essentially covers production and shipping costs. Depending on the response of the population for this campaign, it is possible to produce up to 600 face shields, to be sent to Italy in the various structures.

Here are some pictures of the protective visors, approved and widely used by the OHSU Tuality Healthcare Community Hospital (Oregon, USA). Other hospitals are massively using these face shields: Providence St. Vincent, Legacy Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, Valley Medical Center, Lakeland Medical, and more are being added daily.


Target #2: up to 600 Face Shields for hospitals and health professionals

If the donations will exceed the quota necessary to purchase the first 100 fece shields, a possible extension up to 600 visors is envisaged. We have already received several expressions of interest from different healthcare facilities. Further extensions will be possible, depending both on the donations in the crowdfunding campaign, and obviously also on the additional supply requests that will reach us (please write to


Target #3: donation to CEPI for the development of a vaccine against COVID-19

If the donations will exceed also the total supply capacity of face shields (Target #2), as an additional goal we plan to donate the additional money to CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), a global alliance financing and coordinating the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases. In fact, this organization has recently made an urgent call for $2 billion to support the development of a vaccine against the virus responsible for COVID-19.



Supporting the project is very simple: just press the orange button “Support now”, choose the desired amount level and pay with PayPal or credit card. If you’re browsing the mobile version of the website you can find the button at the top of the page: just tap on “BACK THIS PROJECT” first.

For those who prefer to contribute with a bank transfer:
BANK ACCOUNT name: Helpyness ONLUS
Bank: Credito Valtellinese
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