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Voci di Solidarietà 2016


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The Voices of Solidarity project was born in Castiglione Torinese in December 2011 from an idea of ​​the Double Dominant Production Studio in collaboration with Marina Manino, director of the Sunday Choir. The initiative consists in organizing a musical event to convey, through music, a small but concrete gesture of generosity towards those who need our help.

By supporting our campaign you will know that your contribution will reach those who need it and in return you will receive a musical gift from our voices of solidarity, the choral groups linked to the territory of our initiative: the Children’s Chorus of the Elementary Schools of Gassino and Castiglione, the Sunday Choir and the Parish Choir of Castiglione Torinese.

Also this year the funds will go to support the TBV Konokoulou project carried out by her friend and former colleague Annamaria Zavagni, for the benefit of a small school in Kigali, a village in Rwanda. Over the years we have contributed to the renovation of the roof and the purchase of desks, but the school still needs our help …

Our goals this year

  • The new and safer metal doors for all 12 classes
  • The pipes to bring drinking water from the well to the school
  • The repainting of all the now worn blackboards

How to contribute


Supporting the project is very simple: just press the orange button “Support now”, choose the desired amount level and pay with PayPal or credit card. Free gifts are associated with each level of contribution, a way to thank our supporters!



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